HWAM 3660m

2017-04-26T23:06:43+00:00 Modern|

HWAM 3660m is an ecofriendly and tall, attractive wood-burning stove that has a storage space beneath the combustion chamber and a heat storage compartment at the top. When the heat storage compartment is filled with stone, some of the heat is retained and subsequently given off over several hours.

HWAM Classic 4 with plinth and baking oven

2017-04-26T23:06:43+00:00 Classic|

A true multifunctional stove with many functional details and options. Classic and nostalgic wood-burning stove meets modern technology to create beautiful harmony. The stove can be composed of various modules to match the kitchen/family room or the summer cottage perfectly, as the modules have built-in cooking and baking facilities.